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Alex Got His Head Shaved!

Jason and Alex host a different kind of show this week, one that allows listeners to hear more about their personal lives and some of the areas that they find joy in life. In the first story Alex shares his weekend with the Cahuilla tribe of Bear Nation, an Adventure Princess group of the YMCA Ecke in Encinitas. He let his daughter Avery shave his head into a mullet as part of the weekend themed event. Jason then shares about his upcoming Labrum boy’s deer hunt that he is set to leave on the next day. The hunt marks an annual meaningful family tradition where the three generations of Labrums share an outdoor adventure experience just outside of their hometown of Richfield, Utah. The show eventually gets into some financial topics such as Schwab’s bold move to continue the race to zero and the importance of a “Real Financial Plan”. The message of the show is that we all have goals and meaning to our lives that are only defined by us. The role of an excellent adviser is to help their clients succeed by their own definition giving them financial peace of mind to live their best lives.

In this show you will learn about:

  • Why Alex got his head shaved
  • All about the annual Labrum boys Deer Hunt
  • Schwab continues the race to zero
  • What a “Real Financial Plan” is and why it’s so important


    Transcript Available Here


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