Imagine you’re a golfer and have been selected to play at the Master’s Golf Tournament – every golfer’s dream.  You have two options to choose from and can only pick one:

Option 1 – You can have the clubs of any player who has ever played in the game of golf

Option 2 – You can have the ability, or swing, of any player who has ever played in the game of golf

Which would you choose?

Surely, you would choose their ability.  Their swing is more valuable than the clubs.  Financially speaking, financial institutions offer you products, such as 401(k)’s, annuities, life insurance, CD’s, savings accounts, and many others.  We’ll call these “the clubs”. You have to have these clubs and have them customized just for you to play the game of financial planning. However, the greatest impact on your financial future is to have the right financial swing to avoid the potential for loss, minimize or eliminate risk, and maximize earning potential.  That’s where we come in. At Labrum Wealth Management we have access to all of the clubs; however, we focus more on you having a good financial swing to all your financial planning goals.

We look forward to serving you and helping you pursue the best financial life possible.

Peaceful Investing,

Jason Labrum