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Does Your Financial Strategy Solve For Your Future Liabilities?

Labrum Wealth Management has some exciting news! The firm is expanding and growing and has now added a Scottsdale office. Jim Pupillo and the team at LDI have teamed up with Labrum Wealth Management to form IDA (Intelligence Driven Advisers).  This acquisition will provide many benefits for the clients of LWM (now IDA) such as: increased team collective knowledge, greater specialization within our team members, a larger more capable firm with approximately $800 million in assets under management, a new Scottsdale AZ office location and several other benefits. The investment philosophy will remain anchored in evidence and time-tested strategies, while the character, mission and vision will remain focused on serving clients as a Fiduciary with undivided loyalty.

In today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Reasons why you should not chase fads, returns or the “hot dots”.
  • How to figure out what will move you forward in your investment strategies.
  • What is your target rate of return and why is it more important than your risk tolerance?
  • How to solve for your future liabilities.

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