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Forget Investment Management, It’s All About Planning

Jason and Alex tackle two of the most important questions that an investor can ask themselves. 1) Which is more important, financial planning or investment management? And 2) What kind of experience should you be getting from a financial adviser on each? Jason and Alex share why they place such a strong emphasis on beginning every client relationship with financial planning and continually monitor the plan throughout the entire lifetime of their clients. Investment Management is a critical component of a good, comprehensive financial plan, but it’s not the only component. By building a plan that encompasses all of your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, taxes and inflation you can best determine the investment strategy that makes sense for your situation. This strategy should take the least amount of risk and volatility necessary for you to accomplish your lifetime financial goals. Just as life changes, so does your financial plan. The continual process of updating your plan and your investment strategy is critical. Your plan should have montecarlo capabilities that stress test the success rate across your entire lifetime taking into account as much historical data regarding volatility available. Another part of ensuring that you are making the best financial decisions is by using your financial plan to model what if scenarios, particularly around major life events such as buying or selling a home, retiring, or selling a business.

Alex shares a recent story of a high net worth client who engaged the IDA team for a financial plan only relationship with the expectation that IDA would never manage the client’s assets. Proceeding along these clear guidelines Alex and his team built the plan and delivered the recommendations across all components of the client’s financial lives. The client saw the sophisticated nature of IDA’s investment management, the value and comprehensive nature of the relationship and decided to turn over a portion of their assets to manage. Jason and Alex encourage any listener to the show to take the same approach. There is no need to assume and all or nothing approach, IDA would rather build you a complete financial plan at a competitive cost to demonstrate what the client experience is like and deliver on holistic recommendations than the alternative – do nothing at all. Too many investors are fearful or apprehensive to start this conversation and need not be.

In this show you will learn about:

  • The importance of having a good financial plan
  • What constitutes a good financial plan
  • How to determine the proper investment strategy
  • How to maintain and test a financial plan
  • How a planning only relationship might be the right thing for you


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