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How to Focus on What You Can Control in Your Financial Life

At Intelligence Driven Advisers, we talk to many potential advisers about joining our firm, and there’s one question that really helps us determine if they might be a good fit: Do they care passionately about what their clients are ultimately paying – and what their net returns are?

Today, trader Andrew Grant joins the podcast to talk about how to take control of the elements you can control – and potential red flags you should be on the lookout for when you evaluate your relationships with brokers or financial advisers. We also dig into why you should take our Portfolio Challenge if you haven’t already and the benefits of tax loss harvesting.

In today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The signs that your financial adviser may not be the best fit for your portfolio.
  • The stark differences between brokers and advisers – and how these can affect what’s offered to you as a client.
  • What makes risk different from volatility.
  • Why what so many people in the media call “the markets” is a tiny fraction of the world’s markets, even though it represents a very small fraction of many portfolios.

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