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How to Position Yourself For Financial Growth At Any Age With Joe Pecore

Joe Pecore is a Professor of Business at the Rady School at UCSD. There, he teaches accounting and personal finance – including basic financial planning, the time value of money, how money grows exponentially, budgeting, how to track spending, banking, credit, investing, retirement, and housing – to undergraduates and graduates alike.

Alex and I visited his class, and we found that it was hugely valuable for college and grad students. Furthermore, it would be an amazing resource for many adults as well. Today, Joe joins the podcast to talk about teaching financial planning, what so many people of all ages get wrong, and the steps you can take to get on the right track to position yourself for exponential growth over your lifetime.

In today’s conversation we will talk about:

  • Why your twenties are so important when it comes to financial planning – and how Joe’s course is changing lives.
  • The reason Fidelity’s Zero Cap Large Growth Index Fund and Extended Market Index Funds may be great ways for you to get exposure to large cap stocks in the US market, as well as what to watch out for when you see so-called “free” offers.
  • Why investing in individual stocks is a lot like gambling – and can’t be seen as a viable investment strategy.
  • The key percentage you should be seeing in returns from your financial advisor – and the warning signs that something might be going wrong.
  • How our roles as financial advisors differ from the roles of brokers decades ago.

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