How to Succeed in Times of Volatility
November 12, 2018

Financial Detox Talks

With the midterm elections, we’ve returned to a time of market volatility. That means that there’s even more toxic financial advice out there than usual, and a lot of smart individuals are making not-so-smart decisions.

Volatility and stress knock out your habits. Even if you’ve been disciplined and strategic for years, many people throw all of that out the window at the first sign of change. However, you can still invest extremely successfully and beat most investors while taking away your stress – and on today’s podcast, we’re going to show you how.

In today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why elections make people (and markets) nervous – and how to position your portfolio in times of political change.
  • The big reason our financial system is designed to sell products more than it is to benefit clients – and how this perpetuates financial toxicity.
  • What Robert Schiller and Warren Buffett’s recent decisions mean for you.
  • What a good 401(k) looks like – and how much you should be saving to achieve your lifelong goals.
  • Why Target Date Funds are a great way to diversify your portfolio.

P.S.: On November 14th, we’ll be hosting an exclusive webinar to help you forge your path, shake volatility, achieve peace of mind, and some tax strategies to consider as 2018 comes to an end.


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