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Intergenerational Wealth
Planning Experience

We’ll help you navigate family communication and create a plan to transfer wealth

You’ve worked hard to achieve wealth, and you’re ready to begin thinking about creating a plan that reflects your values and priorities about transferring that wealth between generations of your family. We can help.

The IDA Intergenerational Wealth Planning Experience will help you:


Start family-focused conversations about your financial legacy


Create alignment among family members about your intentions


Identify the roles of key family decision makers


Create a plan to transfer your wealth in a way that reflects your values

Start Planning Your Experience

The IDA Intergenerational Wealth Planning Experience is a thoughtful, educational, and collaborative experience for families seeking to strengthen their financial peace of mind. It will help you communicate clear expectations as you think about how to transfer your legacy to family members across multiple generations.

IDA currently serves as a full-time fiduciary adviser team to several multi-generational families. Let us put our knowledge, experience, and caring perspective to work for you.

It’s time to Pursue Better.™ It’s time for IDA.