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Mastering the Laws of Trading with Agustin Lebron

Agustin Lebron is a man of many talents. After working for many years as an engineer, he became a trader and researcher at the height of the recession. Now, as the cofounder and manager of Esselin Research, he helps growing tech companies make better decisions using his knowledge of trading.

In his new book, The Laws of Trading, he uses his unique experience to teach people how to become formidable decision-makers, make great decisions in real-time, and leverage their unique skills and knowledge.

Agustin joins today’s episode of the Financial Detox Podcast to dive deep into his philosophy of trading. You’ll learn how to meaningfully apply the mindsets successful traders use to win in the markets to your personal, professional, and financial life – even if you never trade stocks in your life.

In today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why founders of tech companies face unique hurdles and inevitably have to develop new management skills when they hit major growth milestones.
  • Why the most successful traders are people who consistently make good decisions – and what everyone can learn from them.
  • How companies that offer free trading get paid – and why it proves financial professionals see amateur traders as fools.
  • How you can extract value from markets despite the fact that it’s phenomenally difficult for traders to do so.
  • Actionable steps you can take to apply Agustin’s philosophy in any situation where the deck is stacked against you, including buying a car or making repairs to your home.

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The Laws of Trading: A Trader’s Guide to Better Decision-Making for Everyone

Transcript Available Here


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