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How we Got Here

The distinction between “advisor” and “adviser” is not subtle

Intelligence Driven Advisers is a new way to express the talent, experience and commitment of Labrum Wealth Management and LDI Advisors. We merged our organizations in 2018 to provide clients of all sizes with an even deeper and broader capacity to serve.

IDA is the merger of expert teams focused on delivering financial planning and investment management in a comprehensive, coordinated and disciplined way. Every one of us shares a deep appreciation for both the human and the economic aspects of wealth accumulation, distribution and transfer.

Intelligence Driven Advisers, Labrum Wealth Management, and LDI Advisors logos

Combining expert innovation

Labrum Wealth Management

Labrum Wealth, founded by Jason Labrum, has been serving clients in a fiduciary capacity since their inception in 2009. In 2015, Jason launched Financial Detox®, an innovative consumer advocacy brand that continues to serve IDA’s mission of delivering transparent and simple financial education to the public.

LDI Advisors

LDI Advisors, founded by James A. Pupillo, developed a highly collaborative, team case management approach to serve clients. The experience learned there informs IDA’s approach to “sophisticated simplicity,” our way of transforming complex challenges into practical solutions.

Intelligence Driven Advisers

Today, our team of wealth advisers are ready to collaborate with you and other trusted professionals – including tax, legal and insurance – to create a seamless advisory board that can meet your evolving needs.

This allows us to offer Investment Planning and Management, Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Annuities, Life Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance, 401(k), and Retirement Income Planning.

We also have deep experience serving the sophisticated needs of corporate, Charitable Giving and Native Americans Indian Nation clients.

Adviser vs. advisor

Advisers” as you see it in our name is a less common spelling than you may often encounter in looking for investment managers or wealth managers.

We chose “Advisers” as it reflects the legal definition of SEC-registered firms who provide these services. We think that’s an important reminder to keep front and center every day as we exercise our fiduciary role in striving to help clients achieve their goals.