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Cari Leamy

Cari Leamy

Financial Planning Specialist

Cari has over twelve years of experience in financial services.

She is very passionate about financial planning because of the meaningful and valuable difference it can make in people’s lives. During her time advising high net worth families and individuals in Silicon Valley, she discovered that the key to truly improving people’s finances is to get to know them personally and their financial situation thoroughly. Most financial advisors simply complete a limited financial questionnaire when selecting a financial strategy for families. She has helped people through complex situations and many kinds of life changes such as retirement, disability, family members passing, divorce, etc.

She found her way to IDA in a relentless search to find a RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) who is distinctly different from the predominance of financial firms; one that measures success by how well they help people improve their financial situation, truly cares about making a meaningful and effective difference in peoples’ financial lives, innovates, has a prudent investment philosophy, and a focus on consumer advocacy.

IDA’s focus on consumer advocacy, and their mission to change the way people receive financial advice, is near and dear to her heart. From teaching financial literacy to kids in underserved communities to educating families in Silicon Valley, she has been a passionate advocate of financial education.

She graduated from University of Oregon with a major in Political Science and minor in Business Administration.

Cari enjoys spending time with her three-year-old daughter, extended family, and friends, especially in the great outdoors of Southern California. Some of her regular beloved adventures with her daughter include hiking, paddle boarding, ballet, and teaching each other the beauty in the world.