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Special Guest Gabriel Katzner, Estate Planning Attorney

Gabriel Katzner navigates the complex climate of recent estate planning law (proposed) changes. Jason and Alex crossfire questions at Gabriel in an attempt to better understand the potential implications on all of us as it pertains to taxation effects of our retirement assets, creditor protection on those same assets and much more.

In this show you will learn about:

What is The SECURE Act – what’s it all about and what are its key provisions

The benefit of conduit trusts, and why they are so ubiquitous, is that when a conduit trust is used, while RMDs are subject to creditor claims, the undistributed account balance is protected from creditors, predators, or simply bad choices made by beneficiaries.

Several Good approaches to address key concerns that will take effect with The Secure Act

The Bottom Line – while the income tax aspects are important, we should keep our eye on the fundamental reason we created a trust in the 1st place – and that’s to protect our beneficiaries, typically ultimately our children, from all the downside that comes along w/great wealth when unable to handle it. Accumulation trusts address this issue and, with The SECURE Act, are going to play a vitally important role in a modern and sophisticated estate plan


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