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Stay Home & Have a Happy Thanksgiving
November 29, 2013

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

It has certainly been a fast year!  I’m astonished to look up and find Thanksgiving is today…just how did that happen?  Easy, as somehow a little older, time accelerates; even if we know it doesn’t, we most certainly know that somehow it does as our lives progress.  Maybe it’s our scope…our view of the world, with greater experience it widens and takes ever more in, leaving us making every effort to grasp understanding and knowledge from a world that stops for no one.  Add to that “change,” turbocharged by technology, that leaves us trying to figure out the new cell phone, Wi-fi connection, or six remote controls. All the new bells and whistles are supposed to make our lives easier, right?:-)

For almost three decades I’ve questioned the long term viability of a consumption-driven capitalist republic.  Further validation of my continuing concern is offered today, as big retailers like WalMart & BestBuy, faced with the fewest shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas the calendar can dictate, decide to open their doors on Thanksgiving.  Sure, the employees working today are almost certainly (mostly) culled from the ranks of volunteers, but I question the message.

While we have a firm like Hobby Lobby going the distance, seeking to have it considered a “person” before the Supreme Court, so that as a person the corporation’s religious Constitutional rights must be respected, we have others who send the message that it’s OK not to take one whole solid day to stop, spend time with family or dear friends, and give thanks.  Instead, wolf down that meal, deny the effects of the tryptophan, and get your butts in here on time so we can lure some folks away from their families/friends with some slick marketing and must-not-miss sales. Just a question in my mind….and a concern, for the heart and soul of this great country.

Peggy Noonan writes so well.  It’s a short Thanksgiving story, and I didn’t know about her past as a waitress in a diner serving a lot of truckers on Route 3 in Jersey.   I used to be one of those truckers in Jersey and remember as a not-so-little kid riding with my either my father or big brothers how I would look forward to seeing a couple of the nicest waitresses in the diners we frequented in Philly, and along the White Horse Pike (Route 30), and Route 9.  You may want to read it here. The title, if the link doesn’t work, is: Stay Home America in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. She illustrates so much better my feelings.

Today then is supposed to be special, but not incredibly more special, since each day is one of thanks and recognition of so many blessings that I’m humbled to the point of great humility and a follow-up question…why me?   

In thanks, I always start, in awe, with His amazing Grace and Forgiveness, then recognition of the blessing for this absolutely nutty women who next month will have put up with me for (some reason), 26 years. Then for you, who humble me greatly with your trust and confidence to the point, knowing what I do about the crazy fix we’ve put our country in economically, geopolitically, and financially, that I just shake my head.  While it doesn’t stop there, for of course I’m thankful for friends and family I find far too little time for; this country, that can certainly shine brighter upon the hill than it does today; Rocky, our amazing four-legged companion, and some physical trappings of this world, I’m most honored by you. The Lord, Elizabeth, Family, and dearest Friends are kinda’ stuck, they love me for some reason. But you choose to put up with me.   Thank you.

I hope you have time to reach out to someone you haven’t touched bases with in a long time today…maybe also someone you know who is struggling with health or otherwise, telling them how much they mean to you.  I need grab another cup of joe and get hot on that right now, before the rush of the day sets in for those folks I’m calling out on the Right Coast. Elizabeth and I hope you each have a wonderful day of Thanksgiving!

Semper Fidelis,


Sean T. Moore
Senior Portfolio Manager
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