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The Eight Irrefutable Mistakes We Make When Investing

We’re all human. We all make mistakes – even us here at the Financial Detox Podcast – and we’ve learned the hard way that if we’re not detoxed ourselves, we can’t best serve our clients.

Today, we dig into eight absolutely irrefutable, toxic mistakes we’re predisposed to making when we make investments, whether they’re major purchases, like homes or cars, stocks, or suspect financial products. You’ll discover the exact mindsets that people fall into when we make bad decisions, how we get taken advantage of, and how to avoid these pitfalls as we go about our daily lives – financial and otherwise.

In today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so easy for financial advisors to agree with clients’ emotional desires and needs – even when these lead to making the wrong financial decisions.
  • The reason so many people get nervous when they see uncertainty in the markets – and why it’s almost always rooted in a lack of discipline, philosophy, and plans.
  • Why markets prevail over time – and why there’s no instance where someone with a diversified portfolio has gone down and stayed down, despite what fearmongers trying to sell you gold, Bitcoin, land, or anything else might tell you.
  • How credit card debt can become a downward spiral – and the death of financial freedom.
  • The importance of creating a written, documented financial plan – and living within your means.

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