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Veterans Day Appreciation, The Six Second Speech & Delivering Value to Investors

This week’s Financial Detox show starts off with appreciating our country’s Veterans and admiration of General John Kelly. His famous “Six Second Speech” reminds us all of the service, bravery and sacrifice that our armed forces demonstrate on a daily basis. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for the freedom provided to us all through their valiant actions. On the topic of Thanksgiving and giving thanks, Jason and Alex share their appreciation of IDA’s amazing clients and talk about the annual Thanksgiving Pie Client Appreciation Event. This open house is held the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, this year falling on 11/26 from 3-5pm at the Carlsbad office. They welcome listeners to come to the event, have a sample of the famous Carlsbad Village Pie Shoppes delicious pies, mingle with clients and meet some of the IDA team. Jason discusses the mission of IDA and it’s pursuit to deliver value and a better investment experience to clients. There are thousands of financial advisers across the country, but by intentionally and persistently serving clients through the collective wisdom of the entire firm’s team, clients truly have a unique experience from the norm. So often the typical adviser, while working for a mega financial firm, is operating in a silo susceptible to their own behavioral blunders and conflicts of interest. There are several other components to the Financial Detox Client Experience, including Behavioral Coaching, Asset Class Selection, Lower Cost Investments, Tolerance Band Rebalancing, Asset Location & Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategy and Tax Loss Harvesting. The show outlines the importance of having a full-time fiduciary adviser team whose purpose and mission is to relentlessly deliver value to their clients.

In this show you will learn about:

  • General Kelly’s Six Second Speech
  • IDA’s Annual Client Appreciation Thanksgiving Pie Event
  • The IDA Mission to Deliver Value to it’s clients
  • The difference between teamwork and a silo experience
  • The Components to the IDA Client Experience


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