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Native American Nations

Fiduciary advisers who understand the unique needs of Native American Nations

Intelligence Driven Advisers understands fiduciary responsibility, sovereign immunity, the unique nuances of tribal issues, and the desire for self-determination. We aim to facilitate this desire, now and for future generations, as defined by each Native American Nation’s economic development, balance sheet, and unique financial goals.

Your endeavors, combined with our resources, harness the mechanism to leverage your time, talent, and skills which empower you to pursue your vision for future generations.

We Serve Your Sovereignty

Our capabilities and approach offer a distinct Tribal Leadership, Stewardship, and Governance experience. Our resources are designed to organize, consolidate, and transform complex challenges into practical strategies. Our global resources and disciplined “Balancing the Tribal Balance Sheet” approach provide a prudent process for the management of Tribal assets, liabilities, and related matters.

We also believe Tribal education at various community levels is essential to achieve these objectives. For economic sovereignty of Indian Country to be a reality, education is crucial, and we can help pursue this goal through:


Tribal Leadership Fiduciary Ethos Training


Public Symposium


Private Workshops


Tribal Adult & Minor Members Financial Literacy Education

Comprehensive Tribal Services


Investment Management Consulting


Treasury Management


Commercial Credit & Lending


Minor & Elder Trust Funds


Tribal Leader Fiduciary Ethos Training


Tribal Member Financial Education


Sophisticated Simplicity

SovereignView is your asset and liability aggregation tool for strategic planning with 24/7 internet portal access. It provides a consolidated, real-time view of your complete financial circumstances, on-demand financial statements, cash flow, and other reports at your fingertips.

Significantly increase collaboration among your appropriate Tribal Leadership Members and trusted advisers for more effective and efficient financial management capabilities, while saving time and money. Securely store and share important documents, electronically, at your discretion.

SovereignView provides sophisticated simplicity 24/7.