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Intelligence Driven Advisers is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm that provides a full range of wealth and asset management services. We are independent, 100% management owned, and committed to upholding the fiduciary standard by putting our clients’ best interest first. Our IDA Team collectively manages billions of dollars in assets for private clients, families, institutions, Native American Nations/Corporations and more.

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We take a holistic, comprehensive approach to investment management that’s shaped by decades of research and experience to determine the most efficient investment path that fits your needs. It’s one way YOU PURSUE BETTER™


Thorough financial planning requires knowing who you are and what you want in your life – now and into the future. IDA will review your entire financial picture in order to articulate your dreams and identify what’s most important to you and your loved ones.


Wealth management means different things at different stages of your life. It includes tailored solutions for tax planning, estate planning and income and asset protection. For this reason, we take a holistic view of your situation and financial plan.

Fiduciary Advice

An employer-sponsored retirement plan is one of the most important employee benefits you can offer. Our expertise lies in helping you mitigate fiduciary liability while optimizing investment opportunities, ensuring plan compliance, and helping plan participants succeed.


IDA offers comprehensive tax planning services for individuals, business owners, and retirees alike. The less money you pay in taxes, the more you have to devote toward your financial goals. We can help you minimize tax liability with tax-advantaged savings opportunities and strategies.

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At IDA, our financial advisers work with in-house experts to look at all elements of your financial picture to ensure money is working as hard as it can for you, every day, year in and year out.

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Stay informed. IDA provides information that you can peruse at any time. Access our Financial Detox™ podcast series,  informative financial videos , webinars, frequently asked questions, IDA Blog and much, much more.

Recent IDA Blog Posts
June 6, 20243:11 pm
Securing Your Legacy: Estate Planning for Generational Impact

In this special 40-minute episode, of Financial Detox® Jason Labrum and Co-hosts Alex Klingensmith team up with Brian Raftery, a partner in Dentons' Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation practice and currently serves as co-leader of the US Region. Together, they tackle the ins and outs of estate planning with precision and expertise. Join the trio as they delve into the essential aspects of estate planning, uncovering common pitfalls and emphasizing the proactive approach needed for success. Brian sheds light on the importance of a revocable living trust and asset transfer strategies, providing listeners with invaluable insights. The discussion extends to the intricate realm of estate taxes, examining potential legislative changes and their implications for estate planning strategies. With a focus on California's unique landscape, they explore complex topics such as estate tax exemptions, foundational documents, and advanced techniques like spousal lifetime access trusts (SLATs). Additionally, the episode delves into sophisticated strategies like utilizing LLCs and discounting to optimize estate planning outcomes.

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