How We Serve Your Mission

We understand fiduciary responsibility, the unique nuances of non-profit organizations, and their philanthropic mission. Our investment consulting services adhere to an unbiased, systematic process designed to manage fiduciary compliance, financial responsibilities, and control risk in a prudent fashion that not only complements your organization’s mission but facilitates achieving that mission.

Foundations and endowments accept an enormous responsibility being entrusted with sizable sums of money. Often, when these sums are set aside, they are expected to last into perpetuity, creating challenging responsibilities for trustees. Compounding the complexity is the ever-present eroding effect of inflation.

The demands put on the leadership of foundations and endowments are extraordinary. On the one hand, leadership is expected to spend money to fulfill a mission, but on the other they are expected to preserve the real value of their benefits into the future.

We understand the issues and complexities you face in your non-profit fiduciary capacity. We have the experience to help meet your ongoing and future needs.

We can help non-profit organizations by:

  • Developing Spending Policies
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Selecting Professional Investment Managers
  • Optimal Blending of Active and Passive Management Strategies
  • Objective Investment Manager Performance Evaluation
  • Formulating Socially Responsible Investment Portfolios
  • Lowering Overall Investment Fees through Consolidation, Negotiation, and our Unique MissionView™ portal