At IDA our experience and deep relationships have earned the trust and confidence of Private Clients, Retirement & Benefit Plans for Business Clients, Charitable Organizations, Institutional Investors, and Native American Nations and Corporations

Private Clients

We understand fiduciary care, family dynamics and the unique attributes of high net worth Private Clients. Our main objective is for Investors to experience the highest level of confidence in the management of their balance sheet.

Retirement and Benefit Plans for Business Clients

An employer-sponsored retirement plan is one of the most important employee benefits you can offer. IDA has developed a team of experienced, qualified retirement plan professionals dedicated to helping plan sponsors with these hefty responsibilities.

Institutional Investors

Insurance companies, state and local municipalities, corporate and other similar organizations face the need to meet current and future liabilities with limited assets or financial resources. We provide the financial science to solve the dynamic mathematical equations faced by institutional Investors.

Charitable Organizations

We recognize the unique characteristics of non-profit issues, their fiduciary responsibility, and missions. Our investment consulting services adhere to an unbiased, systematic process designed to manage fiduciary compliance, meet spending policy responsibilities, and to prudently control risk.

Native American Nations and Corporations

We appreciate fiduciary responsibility, sovereign immunity, the distinctive features of tribal issues, and the desire for self-determination. We aim to facilitate this desire now and for future generations, as defined by each Tribe’s economic development, balance sheet, and unique financial goals.