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A Business Owners Guide – What To Do If You Get Sued

Jason and Alex welcome special guest Mike Battin. Mike is a founder, partner and business attorney of Navigato & Battin based out of San Diego. Casual conversation about intermittent fasting and ketosis transitions into the newly implemented employer law dictating employee classification between independent contractors and W2 employees. This crucial topic affects thousands of California businesses and is a very important law to get right. The previous law consisted of an 18-step test to determine classification. That law has now been narrowed to a three-step test commonly called the ABC test. This makes it easier to navigate but easier to flunk. Mike explains the tests this in detail going into how they measure whether an employer exerts control over the employee, whether the worker has an independent business and regularly engages in that business and if the employee is in the same business of the employer. The ABC test is a test that every business owner or control person needs to become an expert at as soon as possible. The consequences of not getting this right could mean significant taxes, penalties and interest owed by the employer at both the federal and state levels. It could also trigger a domino audit effect that paralyzing the business. The next topic that Mike dives into is what to do when you get sued as a business owner. Mike shares some great general advice on the topic previewing his upcoming book A Business Person’s Guide To Being Sued. His advice includes 1) Don’t ignore it, 2) Get a Lawyer, 3) Tender the claim to insurance if at all possible, 4) Take steps to preserve all relevant evidence. This advice from business attorney Mike Battin is a really wonderful insight into the importance of having a great adviser on your business employment needs. The Financial Detox team works with several business owners of various sizes and having a solid partner like Mike makes financial peace of mind that much easier to accomplish.

Mike Battin, Esq. Contact: 619-233-5365 or email at

Bio: Founder, Partner and Attorney at Navigato & Battin Attorneys since 1997

In this show you will learn about:

– A review of the new laws that went into effect Jan. 1st which impact businesses (mainly, labor laws)

– An analysis and discussion of “AB-5,” the new law that dramatically changes how and whether businesses can use independent contractors or not

– What to do when you are sued as a business owner


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