Jason started the show by introducing a special guest Estee Gubbay, who is a luxury travel expert with Luxurist Travel. Thomas Ohanesian, a wealth adviser on the Financial Detox team at IDA, also joined Estee and Jason in the studio. He talked about how everyone is fed up with talking about the elections and all the nonsense that is going on around the world, so it is perfect timing to pivot and talk about wealth management and bearing the fruits of hard work by traveling. Estee is a travel specialist who just wrote the exciting book Your Travel Bucket List, which will be available on Amazon. The book is a combination of a travel guide, self-development tool, and portfolio planner for travel all built into one book.

Jason and Estee discussed the challenges and their experiences with writing their books, and how it is a very challenging process that takes a lot of patience over time.Estee talked about how it is the perfect time to start talking about travel again because everyone has been cooped up for so long. Thomas talked about his fortunate experience of being able to sneak in his honeymoon to Thailand and got back February 28th, which was right before the travel lockdown was in effect. Estee talked about whether or not it was safe to travel right now. She explained that it was a big, resounding YES because all the necessary safety precautions at home are the exact same precautions that you would take on a vacation or trip. The travel industry is doing everything they can to make the stay as safe and comfortable as possible, and it is almost like a private vacation when staying at most of these hotels right now.Jason talked about the mission of Financial Detox, which is to help people make smart decisions with their money while maximizing their financial lives.

Estee and Jason explained how clients work so hard to earn money and achieve financial success all their lives, and they deserve to spend their money on travel, having experiences, learning about different cultures, and simply enjoying life. They agreed that it is very important to properly budget before heading on a trip, and Estee does a great job of this throughout her travel planning process. A major aspect of the financial planning process is helping clients determine their life’s purpose. Estee talked about how the experience working with her to plan travel is different than most “travel agents” because she helps clients plan for their future planning goals, just like a financial planner does.One of the major value adds that IDA brings is helping clients achieve the best financial lives they can, and typically, at the center of that conversation is talk about travel. They invite listeners to send their questions or call Estee directly at 858-381-7713 to learn more about her comprehensive travel services. For a small planning fee, Estee will help clients with every aspect of planning their next memorable trip!

In this show you will learn about:

  • Fiduciary wealth management and bearing the fruits of hard labor through travel
  • Estee Gubbay’s book Your Travel Bucket List- Maximizing your financial life through experiential travel
  • The major role that travel budgeting and goal establishment play in a financial plan