Welcome to Financial Detox, where host Jason Labrum and co-host Alex Klingensmith simplify the complex, share industry secrets and provide proven strategies designed to take you from financial insecurity to financial independence. Today’s episode begins with an introduction to Jason and Alex and how they began this podcast. The world of financial advisory can feel convoluted and overwhelming, but this show aims to educate listeners and clarify fundamental concepts that will help you achieve financial success and peace of mind.

Our hosts dive right into some fascinating topics, beginning with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, and how it will change the way we think of and use money over the next ten years. They discuss the role of government regulation in currency, China’s refusal to accept Bitcoin due to their inability to manipulate it as a medium of exchange, and why socialism always fails as an experiment. You’ll also hear about the importance of allowing free market capitalism to play out, having a diversified portfolio, and investing in Cryptocurrency only if you are comfortable with a higher degree of volatility.Jason and Alex then move on to the very real topic of inflation. Warren Buffett recently stated that we are seeing substantial inflation and higher prices, but Jason and Alex explain that there are ways to adjust your portfolio to prepare for this. Certain assets perform better in inflationary environments, such as inflation protected bonds, real estate, stocks, and commodities.

They also break down the four main components of a proposed tax increase under the current administration: Doubling capital gains tax rate; increasing corporate tax rate; increasing state tax rate and decreasing the exemption amount; and changing or eliminating step-up in basis. They explain why increasing corporate tax rates will be prohibitive for business owners, forcing them to spend less on innovation, computers, and hiring employees. Changes in state tax will also involve an estate tax, meaning people will have to pay even more tax on their hard earned income after they pass away, leaving less than 30% for their heirs. Eliminating the step-up in basis also means that those heirs will have to pay significantly more tax on the dividends of their inheritance as time goes on. And doubling capital gains tax simply punishes people for investing, and prevents them from using those gains to invest in local businesses, create jobs, and feed more families. There are certain strategies you can use to mitigate the effects of these possible tax increases, however, so be sure to ask your advisor about incorporating these tactics into your financial plan moving forward.

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