In this episode, Jason and Alex open the show up to listener questions. Every couple months Jason and Alex collect questions from listeners, clients and firm advisers that are getting asked the most to share on the air.

Question #1 – What should I expect from my portfolio if inflation happens?Inflation – Jason shares his thoughts and concerns around printing money and the growing deficit. Alex interjects stating that the government desensitized us with trillion-dollar figures. Regarding your investment, a well-diversified portfolio should contain hedges for inflation built into it. Jason continues with sharing some stories from older advisers from when he first entered the industry and thoughts from the tech bubble.

Question #2 – One of the advisers in the firm, proposed a question around Crypto Currency. Is this something that we should be considering within our client’s portfolios? Jason comments, “this is a tricky one” and shares that he does own some bitcoin. Jason also, shares that there is an argument and a case for Bitcoin / Crypto Currency and Block Chain Technology. This is revolutionary technology and the process behind this technology will most likely have an impact on our day to day lives and usage of money. Alex adds that it is a purely speculative investment. Jason adds that currently, it is difficult to add bitcoin as a position within IDA client portfolios. Premiums are high within a bitcoin ETF, but eventually this will change. Jason and Alex add that as Bitcoin continues to stabilize and prove itself, you may want to put 1 or 2 percent of your portfolio toward it as a good inflation hedge.Between questions, Jason shares a new client experience. A new client to the firm that had created significant wealth over his career and is now retired. A client who had always had an advisor but had never received a comprehensive financial plan. For the first time, this investor could see the purpose of his years of investing through planning and “what if” scenarios. Jason closes this story with reminding listeners that too many investors and advisers focus only on the investments and not the planning process. The investment is only secondary to the bigger picture or financial well-being.

Question #3 – Based on what the new administration seems to be focused on, what should I be looking out for? Jason responds that you must be willing to tilt your portfolio based on the global macro-economic environment. This does not mean you go in or out of the market completely. You keep your core portfolio is tact and make slight adjustments to remove where risks exist. IDA has the privilege of using a risk analyst tool that is the most sophisticated tool in the industry.Jason and Alex close the show with reminding listeners that whatever administration is in place, people with continue to use Amazon, buy cars, and participate in consumer buying. Human ingenuity will continue to prevail and if you are invested in a well-diversified portfolio you will do well. Especially if it is tied to professional management.

In this show you will learn about:

  • Inflation Investing
  • Crypto Currency
  • Risk Analysis