Financial Detox is a platform to educate and clarify financial concepts that are so important to managing and preserving wealth. Information in the financial space is ever-changing and ongoing knowledge is power when it comes to investing and managing a financial plan.

The team at Financial Detox is committed to helping individuals get better advice when it comes to their money. The world we live in today has lots of different ideas and opinions and there is conflicting information that can lead you to wrong decisions when managing your wealth.

FD has a fiduciary interest to help serve the investor NOT the advisor or company the advisor is working for. In today’s episode, Alex and Jason discuss good tax planning and how critical it can be to an overall financial plan.

This week we kick off a Summer Series on FD discussing how the idea of Financial Detox came about and what it really means to investors.  Jason Labrum (CEO of Intelligence Driven Advisers) and Co-Host Alex Klingensmith (President of Intelligence Driven Advisers) discuss the latest and hottest topics surrounding wealth management, tax planning, and financial planning.

Listen and watch to learn more!