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FINANCIAL DETOX® is the path to helping you MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WEALTH! Whether you have sold a business, saved in a 401(k), or other investment account, accumulated wealth or not, there is a right way to preserve and grow your wealth. Financial Detox® is a consumer education brand targeted to manage your wealth for maximum impact while exposing many of the misconceptions about investing. Financial Detox® can help to build an individuals knowledge so they may have an investment strategy that is founded on academic evidence and driven by data for a clear path to success.

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Financial Detox® Book by Jason Labrum

How To Steer Clear of Toxic Advice, Achieve Financial Independence, and Manage Your Wealth for Maximum Impact.

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8 Steps to Financial Detox®

Purify Your Mind and Money to Avoid Financial Blunders and Create Financial Peace.

Jason Labrum and the Financial Detox® Team at IDA will help you financially detox your life by addressing these 8 simple, financial life disciplines. These 8 disciplines with steps to financially detox will make a lasting impact on your life and finances.

Jason Labrum is a nationally featured speaker and author and is president of Intelligence Driven Advisers, LLC.

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