Today’s show captures some of the emotions felt by Jason and Alex during the recent shut-in.  Jason is fired up and unleashes his opinions and disagreement on some of the recent decisions and news being spread across the country. He talks about why it’s so important to source information and act on confirmed data rather than emotionally charged information that may or may not be true. He points out the potential conflicts that hospitals have in their reporting of COVID-19 deaths and how that might be skewing statistics that many of us rely on to gain comfort around containment of the virus. They also discuss how inconsistent and problematic it is for state and city officials to open, and then close, some beaches and how those decisions may actually be politically motivated rather than objective in nature. None of this disagreement is meant to lack compassion for those who are threatened by the virus. They shift gears away from politics and healthcare and back to their expertise, investing. Investors have been faced with more volatility since the Great Depression and Great Recession in less than two months and it’s completely normal to feel anxiety and the impulse to take action. These emotions stem from our most primal instincts – fear and greed. The world of investing presents us with many decisions to make, what asset classes to own, how much stock versus bonds to own, even whether it makes sense to invest in entire countries or not. With events like these, Jason and Alex reveal their own emotions based on current events and explore their thought process in how important it is to reinforce emotions, information, and ultimately investment decisions with processes and procedures meant to stand the test of time and to weather all storms. Without spoiling the rest of the show, we remind you of the show’s purpose: Educating, Empowering and Eliminating Toxic Financial Advice.

In this show you will learn about:

  • How Jason and Alex feel about certain recent news and decisions being made regarding COVID-19
  • How to navigate the emotions that we are all feeling and channel them into sound investment making decisions
  • What the future might hold for investors and how important it is
  • Will “Made In America” start to matter more than ever before?