Jason and Alex reminisced on Joe Biden being inaugurated as the next President of the United States, and then signed 17 executive actions. Jason talked about there being a real problem in this country where we are being fed information and bias from a propaganda media machine. He said our country is turning more into countries like China and Venezuela, where the government only provides us with what they want us to hear. Alex and Jason talked about the importance of remaining informed as a wealth management team to make sure that our portfolios are representative of the changes in the global macroeconomic environment. Jason specifically talked about how IDA has strategic tilts in our portfolios to accomplish this and remain aligned with macroeconomic themes.Jason talked about the hypocrisy and barrage of misinformation from the mainstream media and difference of media opinions regarding the capitol riots and the “peaceful protests” that were not peaceful in fact.

Jason and Alex talked about how 90% of all Americans would agree on most aspects of what they would want in life, generally speaking and politically, and there doesn’t need to be so much hatred and animosity. Alex brought up the great point of controlling what you can control, especially when it comes to investments and one’s personal relationships, because there are so many aspects of this life that we cannot control. They invited listeners to send their questions to jason@financialdetox.com or call 877-707-8889.Alex posed questions surrounding what this new presidency and shift in power means for the next four years from an investment outlook standpoint. Jason talked about how even though there is a Democratic President, House, and Senate there is still somewhat of a balance in power due to centrist leaning democrats in office that hopefully will not just say yes to any radical leaning or socialist agendas. We cannot predict the future, but Jason said that there could be some major shifts in production levels internationally versus the United States, particularly when it comes to oil and energy.Alex and Jason talked about how our firm bases all financial planning and investment recommendations on academic and historic evidence.

There is consequential evidence that shows trying to guess and time the market is ultimately a fool’s errand. Our firm specializes in investment and planning strategies that are time-tested, and strategically aligned to provide clients with the most peaceful investment experience. The most important aspect of one’s financial life should be making sure that their financial plan is still on track to never run out of money for the rest of their lives while accomplishing any of their specific goals.In this show you will learn about:- The dangers of the media propaganda machine- What does a Democratic sweep mean for IDA’s investment outlook- Financial planning and investment strategies for periods of uncertainty- The importance of updating a financial plan with regularity