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Stats on Inflation:

  • Inflation still dominates much of the headlines in the news. Google searches for “Inflation” are up over 100% and has dominated company conference calls by and increase of 350% for S&P 500 companies
  • More than half of the total increase in CPI over the past two months has been due to used cars, rental cars, hotels, and airfare.
  • These large price jumps in these small categories are due to reopening and supply chain disruptions, HOWEVER both of these are temporary
  • When looking back to historical data, the last 30 years have actually experienced very little volatility in CPI and lower than average levels of inflation, (the average being 2.9% since 1926) so we should expect an increase and look at it as a sort of rebalancing. Too low of inflation can also even be a bad thing.
  • One thing to point out is how everyone talks about what’s been going up in price, however there are some key sectors that have actually gone down in price being health insurance, airline fares, tickets to sporting events
  • Health care costs take out a large portion of most people’s paychecks and this decrease in costs isn’t talked about enough
  • All in all, inflation is looking to be more transitory than long term with lumber prices dropping 40% in June alone


  • Why own them?
  • The current status of the bond market
  • 10-year Treasury yields have dropped significantly since late May, which at the time were at almost 1.75 to almost 1.2 as of late July (roughly a 30% drop)
  • This leads to the continued push and pull between Growth and Value stocks, however we maintain our barbell approach and direct exposure to Developed Market

Real Estate

  • What are some of the best ways to incorporate real estate into your overall investment strategy given the current market conditions?
  • Commodities
  • Equities
  • Alternative Investment