Financial Detox presents new micro learning series today with an explanation of the Fed and raising of interest rates.
Jason Labrum and Alex Klingensmith with IDA discuss the relationship of the raising Fed rates to the markets and what investors should consider for hedging against inflation.

Let’s talk about the FED. Its very clear the our economy is in a “bear market” and these times will determine if you are successful investor or not. The fed just raised the rate another 75 basis points yet the markets reacted by going up that particular day. The reason the fed has raised rates is to control inflation or slow inflation.

The US Economy has been in what is considered a “easy monetary” policy since early 2000; lower rates, easy to borrow, and the economy has been stimulated by these actions. Then throw in COVD where the government flushed the economy with trillions of dollars into the system.At the same time production of goods and supplies became limited therefore driving the costs of goods and services. Listen to todays shows to hear what to expect and what investors can do.