Politics and investing intersect in this show where Jason and Alex pose a tough but important question to investors. Is your investment philosophy impeachable? Impeachment is defined as the act of calling into question the integrity or validity of something. Markets have been extremely kind to investors in recent history which may be causing many to have a false sense of confidence. A rising tide lifts all boats. One of the more common investment philosophies is to have an extreme home bias towards a US only portfolio. We buy what we know. While US Large cap and FAANG investors have been rewarded by recent market performance, Jason shares evidence over both 10 and 48 year time frames where a globally diversified portfolio performed significantly better than an all US Large Cap one. The lost decade was a clear example of how important it is to think bigger than just the US when it comes to your portfolio. It could mean the difference between a -9% ten year total return compared to a +50% one during that same time frame. There are other investment philosophies that also warrant a closer look. If you had a 17% chance of success vs an 85% one, which would you choose? Jason and Alex take it one step further and ask investors to look closer at whether their adviser is impeachable. If your adviser is operating within suitability guidelines and isn’t serving you as a full time fiduciary adviser, you might benefit from spending some time considering the alternatives. Would you rather have a preferable adviser or one that is just suitable? Another critical and potentially impeachable situation might be present if your adviser tells you what you want to hear rather than follow a disciplined philosophy rooted in confidence, conviction and a solid foundation to weather all seasons. Listeners should come away with actionable questions to bring to their investment philosophy and their adviser with the purpose of knowing whether they are impeachable or well positioned for what’s to come.

In this show you will learn about:

  • Why a home bias in your portfolio may not be the best long term strategy
  • How to look at history and craft an investment philosophy that has a higher likelihood of success
  • How to evaluate if your adviser is working in your best interest above their own
  • Why it’s important to have an adviser to sticks to their philosophy in good times and in times of volatility