2020 is off to the races and the markets continue to break record highs. Is it time to sell and capture profits? Jason and Alex explore this question and many others that investors are asking themselves with balancing both comedy and academic evidence in their responses. They discuss the past and how looking back can be helpful when making decisions about the future. Election years tend to evoke many emotions about what could happen depending on who is elected into office. Recent tensions in Iran and what could spark a war most certainly do as well. The acceleration of technology and how it’s forcing entire industries to evolve and remain relevant have investors speculating more than ever on emerging industries. What are we to do with all this information? And what predictions can we make about the future as it pertains to investing? Jason also tackles a very important concept; how we define risk and volatility can govern our decision making and be the difference between success and failure. Understanding when there is more risk vs less risk (in the market) may also be very helpful when facing forces that are out of our control. We are likely to be at the riskiest times when our personal life events intersect with market uncertainty. The team shares their opinion on what the “right way to invest” is and how they serve clients to steward true financial peace of mind in times of uncertainty, volatility and even at market highs.

In this show you will learn about:

  • How to navigate uncertainty and volatile times
  • How to know when markets have more risk vs less risk
  • Some of the things that you can control when investing