In this show Jason and Alex debunk the common perception that performance of markets is correlated to which political party is in office. They warn against misinformation out there surrounding this topic; investors may make costly mistakes when they make changes to their portfolio based on prediction of election results.They present historical data, since the S&P 500 was created, that show there is no pattern of market growth or decline according to which party is in office. Jason offers to share this Investing During Election Years report with listeners. Interested listeners should email him at for a complimentary copy of it.Jason and Alex then stress the importance of focusing on what investors can control, amidst the shut-down of the global economy. They offer a complimentary second opinion to any listener who would like advice on their portfolio, including a risk analysis. The Financial Detox team has a world class risk analysis tool.

In this show you will learn about:

  • How performance of markets is not correlated to which political party is in office
  • Why investors should be invested for the long run and why they should not make changes based on predictions of election results
  • Why investors should be discerning of information disseminated by the media
  • The importance of focusing on what can be controlled in a portfolio amidst the global economic shut down