In this show Jason and Alex present what investors should do amidst all that is happening in the world, in these uncharted waters.They begin by sharing the purpose of the show, which is to advocate for consumers by providing financial education free from any conflicts of interest. Jason brings to light that most financial radio shows’ purpose is to sell commission based, high profit products. IDA does not any sell products, as they are full time all the time fiduciaries who objectively build comprehensive financial plans that optimize their clients’ financial lives.Jason and Alex discuss how relevant Jason’s book, written multiple years ago, is to the present crisis, as it lays out a plan for how investors can successfully navigate uncharted waters amidst crisis.

They discuss how important it is for investors to have a financial plan and make intelligent and disciplined decisions with their life savings in uncertain times. Alex educates listeners by suggesting investors block out all noise and focus on the basics of what they need to do to get through the crises successfully. Jason offers a free book to listeners, to help them avoid making common mistakes with their life savings, especially as mistakes are so common during crises.Next Jason and Alex answer a listener’s question: “Why should I continue to invest globally, as international investments have performed dismally over the past 5 years?” They answer the question by sharing the data, that shows trying to time which asset class is going to perform best next is a recipe for failure. Investors are more successful when they diversify in a way that matches their personal financial situation – their financial plan. Chasing performance does not work, as different asset classes perform better in different times and there is no way to predict which will do best at a given time.Jason shares an example of how chasing performance does not work.

Most 401k participants pick their investments within the plan by looking at short term performance (1 to 3 years). Alex points out that we are all trained as consumers to do this, i.e. read recent reviews, although it is detrimental to success in investing. Investors succeed rather by investing in a globally diversified portfolio and having, and sticking to, a financial plan that works to achieve personal goals.They close the show with beautiful fact that sticking to basics, your long-term financial plan, in unchartered water not only yields financial success but importantly, peace of mind during stressful crises.

In this show you will learn about:

  • IDA’s mission to provide objective, non-biased financial education to consumers
  • How important a personal financial plan and discipline are to investor success in uncertain times amidst crises
  • Why investors should diversify their invested assets globally
  • Why selecting investments based on how they have performed short-term is a mistake