Jason and Alex kick off the new year by reframing the purpose of Financial Detox and conclude that it is “Helping You Make the Most of Your Wealth”. They proceed further by talking about the importance of having a purpose in how you invest and how to best set goals for success. Some studies show that 80% of new year’s goals are abandoned after one month and only 8% of these goals are even achieved by the end of the year. In an effort to help you not become that statistic, Jason and Alex share time tested goal setting techniques such as “The Wheel of Life” introduced by good friend Mark Robertson. Having a balanced approach to goal setting leads to a balanced life. They take it one step further by wrapping in the well-known concept of SMART goal setting and that by using this foundation you will have a much higher likelihood of accomplishing your goals and increasing your fulfillment of a well-balanced life. One of Jason and Alex’s goals is that every client of their wealth management firm, Intelligence Driven Advisers, has a comprehensive financial plan that is monitored on an ongoing and interactive manner. By accomplishing this they feel that clients can best achieve financial peace of mind thus enhancing a well-balanced life. Jason introduces the concept of a preferable adviser as compared to one that is just suitable. Credit for this brilliant wordsmithing goes to Brooks Hamilton, Erisa attorney in his commentary of a Dan Solin LinkedIn post. The confusion around the word fiduciary has reached a point where simplifying the difference may help. Would you rather have a preferable adviser or one that is merely suitable. The show then gives reference to a recent Geico commercial where the doctor is recently reinstated and carries with him a rather cavalier attitude about his patient’s upcoming surgery. Just ok is not ok. The show challenges listeners to set their first SMART goal of 2020, find out by the end of the day if their adviser is preferable or just a suitable one.

In this show you will learn about:

  • The purpose of Financial Detox for you
  • How to set well balanced goals with The Wheel of Life
  • Why using SMART goal setting techniques will improve your odds of success
  • The difference between a preferable adviser and one that is just suitable