In this show Jason and Alex educate consumers on how to avoid the common pitfalls of annuities, and the uncommon reasons why one could be an effective part of a portfolio.They begin by warning listeners that most people who sell annuities are highly compensated for selling them, via commissions paid by the consumer. Thus, they prioritize selling them over other financial solutions. Jason offers to listeners free education about annuities via a phone conversation. Listeners can call the Financial Detox team for the unfiltered and unbiased truth about annuities, as they are full-time fiduciaries. They do not sell many annuities, but they do occasionally recommend them to clients when they are appropriate. In the rare case they do recommend an annuity, they do not allow their advisers to take large compensation upfront. Rather, they allow them to take small compensation up front and level it over time so there are no biases to recommend certain products. He also lets listeners know they can learn the unbiased truth about annuities from his complimentary book, Financial Detox, which can be obtained by emailing him at

Jason warns listeners that seeking advice on or signing up for an annuity from a person who is not a full-time fiduciary should be avoided. Annuity Salespeople who are not full-time fiduciaries typically claim, to the consumers they sell annuities to, that the insurance company pays them. They typically mislead consumers by not truthfully disclosing how they are compensated.Alex then presents pros and cons of annuities, and how their features can be very complicated.They then discuss whether investors should insure their portfolios just as they would insure their cars or homes. Also, whether returns from annuities can be large enough to surpass taxes, inflation, and fees. They come back to their stead- fast principal that annuities do not make sense for most people. They only make sense for investors who truly can’t stomach volatility and can accept the cons, such as dismal returns.Jason ends the show by reminding listeners that the guiding principal for all investors should be to first build a customized financial plan. He stresses the importance of seeking advice from full time fiduciary advisers at businesses who are Registered Investment Advisers, who provide advice on a personal basis.

In this show you will learn about:

  • The common pitfalls of annuities
  • The uncommon reasons why an annuity could be an effective part of an investors’ portfolio
  • Pros and cons of annuities
  • When seeking financial advice, why it is important to seek advice from full time fiduciaries at businesses who are Registered Investment Advisers