Jason and Alex open the show with the analogy, as one problem goes away, new issues arise. Like a never-ending problem. Jason touches on the election and how people choose to process information. Information such as the current issues in our economy and the issues that we are facing as a society. Alex and Jason cover some of the biggest questions that are being asked by clients during these unprecedented times. Jason comments on clients wanting the firm to recognize that, these times feel different and that we are in a period in the market not like anything previous. Jason and Alex continue with discussing the benefits of having an adviser that provides a strategy and a consistent process that guides them through difficult times. Jason continues with discussing the ideologies of Intelligence Driven Advisers (IDA) the investment firm associated with Financial Detox.The discussion Segway’s into how markets perform during election years and if there are any patterns. Jason provides some historical data on election years and states that, what we do know is, “control what you can and ignore what you can’t”.Alex and Jason continue with a discussion on controllable factors within investing. The discussion goes deeper into factor investing and being cognizant to global macroeconomic themes.

Jason reviews the concept, Financial Detox. Jason correlates toxic foods with toxic thoughts and how a toxic thought process can cause you to make investment blunders, financial mistakes and potentially destroy your long-term investment returns. Jason refers to a comment that Alex made at the beginning of the show, “problems will keep coming back”. From here the discussion goes into looking back at history and all the radical events that seemed very different at the time, but were they really? In the end, are companies going to continue to produce goods and services and are we as consumers going to continue civilization as we know it. Definitively, yes. The show closes with “yes”, there will always be a Three Headed Hydra out there but stay focused, get a financial plan and stay the course. Jason offers to provide listeners with a complimentary investment portfolio analysis/stress test second opinion, and the opportunity to have a draft of their financial plan built out. They also invite clients to reach out for a complimentary initial introduction conversation with Clay Willits to see if there are potential benefits of further tax planning. They invite listeners to send their questions to jason@financialdetox.com or call 877-707-8889.

In this show you will learn about:

  • Election Patterns- Controlling what you can control
  • Global macroeconomic themes and factor investing
  • Historical events and the effects that they had on the market