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Unleashing The Power Of Private Enterprise Against Coronavirus

This week has brought so much uncertainty and even panic for the American public.  In today’s show Jason Labrum and Alex Klingensmith hope to bring some reality to the situation with regards to the financial markets and what this means going forward for investors. During this time the advantages of free market capitalism and the American public’s opportunity to make an action plan have become a huge asset to every American.  Although the markets are shaky and declining history shows us, they WILL recover. Even more important if an investor misses the best days of the market, which history shows come during the Bear Markets and the recovery, the returns are so much lower. Getting in and out of the market/ timing the market will harm investors returns.  The goal of this show is reinforcing the principles of proper investing. 

-What to do before major markets events: Have a Financial Plan with a Fiduciary Adviser

-What to do during major market events: Don’t panic and make sure you have a fiduciary adviser.  Revisit principles of investing and how markets work- Talk with your Adviser

-What to do after major market event: Stay the course with your financial plan

In this show you will learn about:

What should investors do with their portfolios when markets dramatically decline?

Why its so important to have a financial plan?

“A rear view mirror is only good when you turn it on yourself to evaluate how you behaved during volatile markets”- Liz Ann Sonders- Chief Investment Strategist – Charles Schwab

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