Jason and Alex start off the show addressing a question that has been asked by more than one private client over the past couple of weeks. Given the US National Debt equal to 28.2 Trillion and the Federal Deficit at $4.5 Trillion and tack on all the recent stimulus money and Federal spending, what will be the effects on the market in the next 12 to 18 months? The topic for today’s show is based on the Federal debt, government spending and the effects it will have on the markets. Alex shares his perspective on stimulus money and the concept that stimulus money will make its way back into the market through the purchasing of goods and services. Jason interjects with adding that the real question is when does this artificial stimulus approach end?

When will the country get back to making the economy work for itself? Alex reminds Jason that pre pandemic the economy was healthy, maybe the best economy we have ever experienced. Jason adds that the unemployment rates were the lowest across all ethnicities pre pandemic. After the first commercial break Jason and Alex respond to the question with optimism and more detail, stating that the public typically does not care about the current US National Debt, more interested in how much are they able to buy and spend. So, stimulus money will be positive in the short term. However, at some point taxes will have to increase. Jason and Alex spend some time discussing taxes and who pays for what currently and the effects it is having on further dividing our country. Will the current tax structure work to reduce the deficit?

Jason brings up the question where is the government getting money? Besides printing money and with interest rates at all-time lows will servicing the existing debt become an issue. Alex adds that if the government becomes crippled by debt service it will hurt us in other ways. Things that we rely on the government to maintain like infrastructures, national defense, and education.

If the government can borrow money at an incredibly low rate of 1.7% for 10 years, should they borrow a bunch of money and invest it ways to grow a higher rate of return. Alex responds that yes; with the first part of stimulus money, it is a bet on the people. A bet that the people will spend, and companies will invest, increasing the GDP growth. Jason brings to the conversation that free money tends to create laziness amongst many, further debilitating strong work ethic within the U.S.Jason and Alex close the question and show with a strong Intelligence Driven Advisers belief that trying to predict or time the market does not work. Creating a globally diversified investment portfolio that is designed to weather changes within the economy and other unknown events is the best solution to continued success with capital market investing.

In this show you will learn about:

  • Government Spending
  • Interest Rates
  • Investment Diversification