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September 8, 20221:34 am

Questions Asked And Lessons Learned From 2020

Jason and Alex started by talking about how this year has brought their family’s closer together with one another. There have been a lot of ups and downs this year and it has been filled with tremendous hardship for a lot of people, and much prosperity for others. Jason talked about how negativity and people having negative attitudes is at an all time high, and how it is almost trendy to talk about the doom and gloom. They invite listeners to send their questions to or call 877-707-8889. Jason explained that our IDA team serves a vast range of clients ranging from very high net worth clients to more mass affluent households, and we are always ready to serve new individuals with their financial goals and financial challenges. They made the joke that we work best with clients ages 1 to 100, but it is very true because [...]

September 8, 20221:31 am

Thanksgiving And Rebalancing

This week’s show starts off with Jason and Alex sharing what they are thankful for and what IDA will be doing as a give back to the community. “Wreaths Across America” a benefit that honors past veterans, by placing holiday wreaths onto their grave sites. The employees of Intelligence Driven Advisers and their families will be placing wreaths on over 400 veteran grave sites at the Fallbrook Masonic Cemetery in Fallbrook Ca. This patriotic gesture leads the conversation into respect for our country and the sacrifices that were made for the better of mankind and the ability to practice freedom of speech. After the introduction, Jason and Alex segue into discussing what it means for a financial firm to deliver value by introducing a Delivering Value Series. This week’s show focuses on rebalancing as a value add. Jason challenges listeners to ask their current advisers how they approach rebalancing [...]

September 8, 20221:28 am

Investing 101 – Tax Harvesting & Value Propositions

Jason and Alex began by saying the main purpose of the show is to help individuals steer clear of toxic advice, prevent them from making great behavioral mistakes, and helping individuals create disciplines and philosophies to think about building wealth. Jason talked about how most advisors do not do tax planning, such as tax loss harvesting in a client’s portfolio, until the end of the year, which may be too late. Many of those advisors have already missed opportunities to save their clients thousands and thousands of dollars over the span of their financial lives. They pivoted and started talking about the TRUE value that we brought to our clients back in March when we had one of the fastest selloffs in market history. It is hard to quantify in numbers the true value of bringing peace of mind to our clients during periods of economic and market distress. [...]

September 8, 20221:24 am

Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (“QOZs”)

Jason starts the show with stating that, “if you’ve recently sold a business, have a stock position with a lot of long-term capital gains, or thinking about selling a piece of real estate with a lot of appreciation, you need to listen to this show and pay tons of attention”. Alex chimes in stating, that this is one of those opportunities that is relatively new. Only three years old. Alex mentions the beginnings of 401(k)s and 1031 exchanges as examples. If you have a potential liquidity event coming up, you may want to pump the brakes before paying the taxes and investigate Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (“QOZs”).Jason explains that basically, three years ago, legislation was enacted through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, that focuses on creating growth and job opportunities in underserved communities, into which new investments may be eligible for enhanced tax treatment. Alex adds that this [...]

September 8, 20221:19 am

Bearing The Fruits Of Proper Wealth Management Through Travel With Estee Gubbay

Jason started the show by introducing a special guest Estee Gubbay, who is a luxury travel expert with Luxurist Travel. Thomas Ohanesian, a wealth adviser on the Financial Detox team at IDA, also joined Estee and Jason in the studio. He talked about how everyone is fed up with talking about the elections and all the nonsense that is going on around the world, so it is perfect timing to pivot and talk about wealth management and bearing the fruits of hard work by traveling. Estee is a travel specialist who just wrote the exciting book Your Travel Bucket List, which will be available on Amazon. The book is a combination of a travel guide, self-development tool, and portfolio planner for travel all built into one book.Jason and Estee discussed the challenges and their experiences with writing their books, and how it is a very challenging process that takes a [...]

September 8, 20221:10 am

Medicare Insurance With Special Guest: Brian McArthur

Jason starts this week’s show off with an introduction to special guest speaker Brian McArthur from Bridlewood Insurance Services, a Medicare Insurance Agent. Jason asks Brian to set the record straight with the timing of enrollment and the choices available. Brian takes Jason’s lead and explains that Medicare is a deadline driven industry that markets with fear to obtain your business. By age sixty-four, be prepared to receive more marketing material than you could ever imagine. Be proactive and reach out to an agent sooner than later to begin the process of learning what options will be best suited for your health insurance needs. Alex joins the conversation and reinforces the need to speak with a Medicare insurance specialist and adds that the complexities within this space are difficult to comprehend without the support of a subject matter expert. Jason continues the conversation by outlining Brian’s role as a [...]

September 8, 20221:08 am

Investing 101- Delivering Value

Jason and Alex started by talking about quantifying how we deliver true value to our clients as Fiduciary advisers. Jason explained how numerous clients have reached out to him because they were very nervous about the market around the election. They explained how some of these behavioral mistakes are not just 1,2,3 percent negative decisions. This could result in much more than 10, 20, 30+ percent negative decisions. Jason talked about not being able to time the market in a reliable manner, and even if you get it right the first time, there are no guarantees that you will get it right the second time. It is the job of a Fiduciary adviser to tell their clients no when they want to time the market, and stand up and protect their clients. Jason explained how his clients are afraid of a Biden win or a Trump win, and the [...]

September 8, 20221:03 am

Investing 101- Asset Class Selection

This show launches show number one of the series. “Financial Detox Investing 101”. Jason shares a recent experience while traveling with some individuals who are well versed in business but have been misinformed based on the overload of information when it comes to investing. Information that is presented in multiple mediums, none of which is pointed and direct in helping them understand what they should be doing with their accumulated wealth. Alex enters the conversation by stating that often people will, quoting the phrase, “buy what you know”. People tend to buy stock in companies that they know or products that they use and trust. This series will cover five necessary components. Things that you or your adviser should be doing daily to manage your assets. This show, one of a series of five, will focus on Asset Allocation. Alex and Jason go into defining the different asset classes [...]

September 8, 20221:01 am

Conflicts Of Interest In The Financial World

Jason and Alex started by talking about how they were excited for the 1st presidential debate, but they slowly became more and more disappointed that Trump and Biden are the best representatives that this country can offer its great citizens. Jason talks about how he was watching the debate with his wife and kids, and they had to turn it off because it was not something appropriate or positive for his young boys to be watching. Alex asked if Jason’s kids Dax -9 and Luke -11 had shared their perspective on the debate, and he talked about how he has observed that his kids and most kids almost always mirror the views and ideas they observe from their parents.Jason and Alex discussed how politics have become a show at this point, and how our country’s founding fathers talked about how it would lead our country down a bad path [...]

September 8, 202212:58 am

Prepping For End Of Year Financial Decisions

The end of the year is near. The time is now to prep for year-end decisions. Today’s show covers topics around year-end planning and reviews the things that you have control of within your financial plan. Alex starts the show with discussing interest rates. Rates are at historic lows in terms of borrowing and you should be exploring your options to take advantage of this low rate environment.Jason shares a story about a client that he recently spoke with were it did not make financial sense to refinance and to watch out for toxic information. This client was initially led into thinking that since everyone has been talking about refinancing. She should as well refinance. This is not always the case and working with a trusted professional is key. Alex discusses how banking institutions are requiring investment assets to be moved into the lending bank prior to loan approval [...]

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