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September 8, 20222:15 am

Cryptocurrency, Inflation And Impending Tax Increases

Welcome to Financial Detox, where host Jason Labrum and co-host Alex Klingensmith simplify the complex, share industry secrets and provide proven strategies designed to take you from financial insecurity to financial independence. Today’s episode begins with an introduction to Jason and Alex and how they began this podcast. The world of financial advisory can feel convoluted and overwhelming, but this show aims to educate listeners and clarify fundamental concepts that will help you achieve financial success and peace of mind. Our hosts dive right into some fascinating topics, beginning with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, and how it will change the way we think of and use money over the next ten years. They discuss the role of government regulation in currency, China’s refusal to accept Bitcoin due to their inability to manipulate it as a medium of exchange, and why socialism always fails as an experiment. You’ll also hear [...]

September 8, 20222:12 am

What Is Debt?

Jason and Alex start off the show addressing a question that has been asked by more than one private client over the past couple of weeks. Given the US National Debt equal to 28.2 Trillion and the Federal Deficit at $4.5 Trillion and tack on all the recent stimulus money and Federal spending, what will be the effects on the market in the next 12 to 18 months? The topic for today’s show is based on the Federal debt, government spending and the effects it will have on the markets. Alex shares his perspective on stimulus money and the concept that stimulus money will make its way back into the market through the purchasing of goods and services. Jason interjects with adding that the real question is when does this artificial stimulus approach end? When will the country get back to making the economy work for itself? Alex reminds [...]

September 8, 20222:09 am

Impacts Of Inflation And How To Prepare

Jason and Alex started the show by taking a step back and reminding listeners and themselves why IDA’s team does not pick individual stocks and try to time the market. There are always unpredictable events that will happen with individual companies, such as Cox communication’s internet going down for multiple days unexpectedly. One of the biggest questions that clients and prospective clients have been asking is “What are you going to do to fight back against inflation?” Jason explained one of the main reasons that people are getting nervous about inflation is because the 10-year Treasury yield rose from approximately 0.5% up to around 1.7% in just a few months. Jason and Alex discussed the amount of debt in the U.S. that has grown to over $28 Trillion after the latest stimulus package. They explained how inflation is a general increase in prices and a fall in the purchasing [...]

September 8, 20222:07 am

Alternative Investments, The Why And When

Jason kicks off the show with giving an overview of when to look towards the topic to today’s discussion, alternatives. Alternative Investments become a viable option for investing when the public markets start to look too high, and questions arise as to how long this market run up can continue. Alex joins the discussion with stating the reality for most, alternatives are difficult and can continue to stump even the most astute investors. So, Alex opens the discussion with a question for Jason; Who should look to alternatives as an investment vehicle and who should not? Jason responds with clarifying first, what alternative investments are. It is an investment that is not available in the traditional marketplace with traditional liquidity. Traditional meaning publicly traded stocks, bonds, cash, and CDs. Alex reminds listeners that our core investment philosophy at Intelligence Driven Advisers is based on investing in efficient markets, stocks, [...]

September 8, 20221:59 am

Tax Planning And Reducing Your Maximum Exposure

Today’s show starts off with Jason and Alex sharing stories about trucks and the potential benefits of depreciating company vehicles warming into the topic for discussion. Tax Planning.Jason begins the discussion by reminding listeners that now is the right time to start tax planning for 2021 tax year, while you are doing your taxes for 2020. Alex adds that tax planning is one of the least enjoyable planning exercising and unfortunately most individuals are just happy to get it over with and not investigate forward planning. Alex suggests that when you are with your tax advisor completing your 2020 returns ask for a list of action items that you could have done in 2020 that would have reduced your taxable exposure. Tip #1Max out your retirement savings. Maxing out your 401(k) contribution allows you to defer taxable income. In 2021 you can defer 100% of your income up to [...]

September 8, 20221:54 am

Rating Systems And Target Rate Of Returns

Jason and Alex started off the show by welcoming Jim Pupillo, a Senior Wealth Adviser at IDA, who has a ton of industry experience, and specializes in providing his clients with regular Fiduciary advice pertaining to the company retirement and private wealth areas of the business. Jason discussed how the IDA investment committee spends countless hours stress testing and analyzing the asset allocation of the client portfolios to make sure that they are optimized given the current environment. Jim and Jason discussed how the rating systems for investment funds is not always the best aspect of analysis to be looking at when choosing investments.Jim discussed how you cannot just use the star rating of a mutual fund solely and then pick investments for a portfolio. There must be a comprehensive analysis done using numerous different metrics to make sure you know exactly what area of the stock and bond [...]

September 8, 20221:52 am

Financial Detox® Listener Questions

In this episode, Jason and Alex open the show up to listener questions. Every couple months Jason and Alex collect questions from listeners, clients and firm advisers that are getting asked the most to share on the air. Question #1 - What should I expect from my portfolio if inflation happens?Inflation – Jason shares his thoughts and concerns around printing money and the growing deficit. Alex interjects stating that the government desensitized us with trillion-dollar figures. Regarding your investment, a well-diversified portfolio should contain hedges for inflation built into it. Jason continues with sharing some stories from older advisers from when he first entered the industry and thoughts from the tech bubble. Question #2 – One of the advisers in the firm, proposed a question around Crypto Currency. Is this something that we should be considering within our client’s portfolios? Jason comments, “this is a tricky one” and shares [...]

September 8, 20221:49 am

Inauguration And Beyond

Jason and Alex reminisced on Joe Biden being inaugurated as the next President of the United States, and then signed 17 executive actions. Jason talked about there being a real problem in this country where we are being fed information and bias from a propaganda media machine. He said our country is turning more into countries like China and Venezuela, where the government only provides us with what they want us to hear. Alex and Jason talked about the importance of remaining informed as a wealth management team to make sure that our portfolios are representative of the changes in the global macroeconomic environment. Jason specifically talked about how IDA has strategic tilts in our portfolios to accomplish this and remain aligned with macroeconomic themes.Jason talked about the hypocrisy and barrage of misinformation from the mainstream media and difference of media opinions regarding the capitol riots and the “peaceful [...]

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