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February 13, 20184:07 am

Market Volatility and Why a San Diego Financial Advisor Says Not to Panic

Watch this news clip to find out why San Diego Finanical Advisor, Jason Labrum, President of Intelligence Driven Advisers, says it’s not time to panic when experiencing market volatility. Contact an Adviser Today

February 8, 20184:10 am

Distinguishing a Bear Market from a Stock Market Correction

DOES THE FEBRUARY 5TH DROP SIGNAL AN APPROACHING BEAR? Market Corrections are not always bears As everyone knows, stocks went into a dramatic  spiral on Monday, February 5th, as the DJIA plummeted almost 1,600 points, which was the  biggest point decline in history. But right before the market closed, buyers charged back into the market and limited the damage – but the DJIA still lost  1,175 points. When it was over, the DJIA closed at 24,345, down 4.6%; the S&P 500 dropped 113 points, or 4.1%,  to 2,648; and NASDAQ lost 273 points, or 3.78%, to 6,967. The sell-off essentially wiped out the DJIA and S&P 500 gains for the year, and left the NASDAQ barely in positive territory for 2018. Such a movement begs the question: does this decline signal an upcoming bear market? To answer that question, we should probably define a bear  market first. A BEAR [...]

February 3, 20184:12 am

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Planner

Hiring a financial planner is an incredibly personal – and important – decision. This is someone who will be perusing the intimate details of your financial life, and could potentially hold your future retirement success in their hands. Most experts agree that anyone would benefit from working with a financial planner, no matter their level of income. However not all financial planners will be a good fit for you. Before you start working with a financial professional, it’s a good idea to ask them these five questions: 1. DO YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH OTHERS IN MY LIFE SITUATION? Your financial planner isn’t there to judge you, their job is to help you make the best of any financial situation. This could mean helping you bail out from a bankruptcy, developing a new plan now that you are divorced, or figuring out how to retire early. Finding a financial [...]

January 5, 20184:15 am

Expanded Benefits for 529 Plans

New Rules Benefit 529 College Savings Plans As An Estate Tool – Estate Planning The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes a provision to now allow 529 Plans to be used for private elementary and high school expenses, rather than just college related expenses. The new rules are a treat for both parents and grandparents looking for a better way to pay for private educational costs. Until now, the only plan that allowed for tax-free earnings growth was a Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA). Limitations on contributions and income has made these plans unfavorable for many families. A key notable benefit to a 529 versus a Coverdell ESA includes transferability. Funds in a 529 account may be transferred from the original beneficiary to another. Another benefit is the fact that funds in a 529 may grow perpetually, and never have to be used. Some families are using this feature [...]

December 18, 20174:17 am

New Sector to S&P500

S&P Adding New Sector To S&P 500 The S&P 500 index is adding a new sector to its mix. REITs will become part of the S&P 500 compilation on September 16th, making it the 11th sector. The growth and capital representation of REITs in the markets will now formally allow REITs to sit along side the other 10 sectors as a standalone class. REITs have been part of the financial sector for years, but now have earned their own designated category. REITs have become increasingly popular with investors as their management teams have become more professional and the companies have become larger. There are two main types of REITs, equity REITs and mortgage REITs. The newly added sector will only include equity REITs that own physical property such as apartments, office buildings, industrial buildings, malls, hotels, cellular towers, data storage facilities, self-storage facilities, movie theaters, timber and even prisons. [...]

December 8, 20174:19 am

Bitcoin Hysteria

Bitcoin Hysteria – Digital Currency Overview Euphoria has swept Bitcoin to unreal levels over the past few weeks. Bitcoin, one of many digital currencies, shot past 11,000 in the final week of November after eclipsing 10,000 just hours prior. The cumulative value of all cryptocurrencies throughout the world are estimated to be more than $300 billion, an enormous increase from the $18 billion at the beginning of the year. The commodity futures trading commission granted the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) to issue Bitcoin futures which will allow traders to bet on the price of the digital currency via a trusted exchange. Traders will be allowed to bet on the appreciation of the cryptocurrency or the demise of it by buying and selling the futures. What took the equity markets decades to establish, the cryptocurrencies market is trying to build in mere months. Bitcoins emerged in 2008 designed by a [...]

December 5, 20174:23 am

Jason Labrum Featured in Horsemouth Article

How to Keep Clients Calm When the Market Tanks This month, Jason Labrum, President and CEO of Labrum Wealth Management was invited to contribute to an article regarding emotional behaviors with regards to investing.  Jason discusses how he helps clients keep calm during market downturns by educating them on academic and empirical evidence. Read the article now Contact an Adviser Today

July 20, 20153:07 am

Retirement Planning

Many Americans look forward to retirement. It’s a time to either relax or pursue your dreams. Regardless of your goals for retirement, funding the process is no simple task. Nobody knows just how long their life will last nor the future cost of living. Maintaining a balanced cost of living is the simplest way to make retirement projections much simpler and more accurate. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the financial risks of retirement while still enjoying yourself. An easy way to gain a little extra spending money during retirement is finding a part-time job. It doesn’t necessarily have to earn a lot of money (that’s what you just spent 40 years doing!); just find something you enjoy doing. Apply for a job as a tour guide at a historic landmark or even pursue a position teaching at a community college. In addition to the extra money, employment can [...]

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