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December 5, 20174:23 am

Jason Labrum Featured in Horsemouth Article

How to Keep Clients Calm When the Market Tanks This month, Jason Labrum, President and CEO of Labrum Wealth Management was invited to contribute to an article regarding emotional behaviors with regards to investing.  Jason discusses how he helps clients keep calm during market downturns by educating them on academic and empirical evidence. Read the article now Contact an Adviser Today

July 20, 20153:07 am

Retirement Planning

Many Americans look forward to retirement. It’s a time to either relax or pursue your dreams. Regardless of your goals for retirement, funding the process is no simple task. Nobody knows just how long their life will last nor the future cost of living. Maintaining a balanced cost of living is the simplest way to make retirement projections much simpler and more accurate. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the financial risks of retirement while still enjoying yourself. An easy way to gain a little extra spending money during retirement is finding a part-time job. It doesn’t necessarily have to earn a lot of money (that’s what you just spent 40 years doing!); just find something you enjoy doing. Apply for a job as a tour guide at a historic landmark or even pursue a position teaching at a community college. In addition to the extra money, employment can [...]

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